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Contemporary Barber Shop | Bolton | Greater ManchesterModern men's hairdressing techniques combined with the best of traditional barbering skills

American Crew Hair & Shaving Products Bolton Gtr Manchester

Fratelli's Men's Hairdressing, Bolton, Gtr Manchester

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Barber Shop, Heaton Bolton

Our barber shop is in the Heaton area of Bolton but clients come to our Barber Shop for their haircut from all areas of Bolton including Markland Hill, Smithills, Horwich, Bromley Cross, Egerton, Edgworth, Westhoughton, Lostock, Chew Moor, Eagley, Dunscar.

Barbering & Hairstyling for Men

Whatever hair-style you want for your, be it look modern, traditional, business, hipster, cool cookie, footballer come to our contemporary barber shop & grooming products salon for men Bolton, Greater Manchester.

Fade Haircuts for Men in Bolton

A fade cut is where the hair around the sides and back is cut very close with clippers and fades upwards. Its a popular look & has a a variety of styles. There is the skin fade or zero fade, where the hair is clippered to the skin. The low-fade is where the taper begns low below the temples. The mid-fade cut where the fade begins at the temples. Then there's the high-fade which is more aggressive and takes the cut high up to the top.

These are all classic techniques with a modern twist. Then there are variations such as the side-part fade or comb-over, The pompadour fade or quiff and don't forget the scissor over comb cut or  scissor fade.

 Best Men's Grooming Products

From our Bolton Barber Shop we use the best men's grooming products on the market including American Crew, Proraso shave products & also we have our own range of gel & waxes including Hair Doh & Hair Play at our men's hairdressing business.

American Crew Hair Products

There is a product for every hair type & hair style. The American Crew Fiber gives you strong, pliable hold & matte finish which helps thicken, texturize and increase fullness to hair. The American Crew Pomade for medium hold with high shine good for curly hair or to create classic, slicked back looks.

American Crew Shaving Products

American Crew also do a range of shaving products including the Precision Shave Gel & the American Crew Ultra Gliding Shave Oil American Crew Hair & Shaving Products which because of its transparency is perfect for intricately shaped beards and sideburns.

Proraso Shave Products

Proraso shave products are rich shaving creams & shave soaps from Italy. Enriched with Eucalyptus & Menthol they leave you feeling fresh & clean after a shave. We are the only barber shop in Bolton that provides Proraso including the amazing Proraso Pre and Post Shave Cream that will refresh the face and soften the beard before shaving, and will reduce stinging and irritation when applied afterwards.

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